SIs using the best seo sofware all there is to your page ranking?!
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It is true that the best SEO software is helpful in increasing your webpage visibility and ranking in search results, but that is not all there is when it comes to page ranking.

It is possible to have a good rank without using the best SEO software and be charged thousands of dollars. The SEO is just a strategy that when you put much work and effort to it will reward you with a good high ranking.

First your content is really important in fact it is necessary for a website or blog to have a new content every now and then to make the search engines aware that your website or blog is really active. Then you should always remember to communicate well with your visitors or readers and discuss things that interests them and brought them in your website. The readers will visit your website very often when you keep on publishing new worthy and interesting contents.

Putting images may attract readers in your website because readers do not like dry lifeless contents. So try to make yours look pleasant and attractive by putting images (not ordinary images, it should be images that can speak or explain things), bullets, subheadings etc. Just don’t overdo it as it may create disadvantages on your website.

Always remember to put up titles and image titles, alternative tags or alt tags, and a brief description, meta tags and so on that has a connection and definitely relevant.

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